It’s Like a Running Romance Novel…

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Over the years, I’ve had quite the empowering and, honestly, quite humbling relationship with running. But one thing always keeps me running: The lure of a good run that just makes me feel strong, powerful and like the queen of the running world. In my opinion, there’s really nothing more satisfying. Not even chocolate. Or a good wine. Or sex. (Yep! I said it!)

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Which brings me to my review of Chris Cooper’s book Long May You Run. (No really, sex is the perfect transition.) I only have one word to describe this book: romantic. I have never read a better or more endearing and honest take on running—both for beginners and advanced runners—ever before. It pretty much lit my running fire, and even had me considering if it would be okay for me to run out in the 10-degree weather on snow-covered terrain. It had me burning that much, people! That much!

This book does everything from teaching you the basics of running and training, breaking down running lingo, recommending events, sharing cool facts—and it even makes you laugh. Oh, and the best part? It will totally inspire you to get out there and run, no matter what your running history has been. Written with the help of 19 fellow runners and authors—among them Olympic marathoners, world cross-country champions, and bestselling sports fitness writers—this collection of thought-provoking essays, lists, charts and quotes will definitely make you want to hit the pavement.

Oh the romance! Long may you run! —Jenn


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