Ohio Mom Shamed For Breast-Feeding At Gym


Ohio mom Aidan Johnson said she was shamed for breast-feeding her son during a trip to the gym.

Johnson was breast-feeding during a meeting on Feb. 18 in the cafe of Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club in Columbus, Ohio, reports WCMH. A human resources manager at the gym reportedly asked her to move to a more private area. Instead, Johnson refused and left the gym.

“I was very offended and I was more hurt because it’s something -- I feel like breast-feeding is very hard and there should be more support,” Johnson told WTTE. “Nobody that I know of looked at me. I didn’t make a big show of it.”

Johnson noted that the manager wanted to accommodate her needs, but still asked her to move to another room.

“I’m doing what is biologically a necessity for my son and it shouldn’t be looked at as anything more than that,” Johnson said.

The manager noted that while no one formally complained, he saw people looking and heard them making comments about it, according to Johnson’s husband, Adam.

According to Ohio state law, mothers can breast-feed anywhere that mothers are allowed to be. Because of the law, support has grown for Johnson and her cause. The gym’s Facebook page has since received negative reviews and one-star ratings. 

Sources: WCMH, WTTE / Photo credit: WCMH

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