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Cocaine And Marijuana Found In Infant At Time Of Death

Post mortem examinations revealed that a 17-month-old child had cocaine and marijuana in his system when he was allegedly killed by his mother's boyfriend.

Chloe Thomas, 25, and her boyfriend Sean Buckley, 28, are accused of repeatedly beating 17-month-old Finley Thomas, the Daily Mail reported. Buckley is accused of killing the child.

Toxicology exams indicated that the couple indulged in a "a considerable use of drugs" leading up to the child’s death. It was also revealed that the infant was exposed to a cocktail of drugs prior to his death.

"These two people were responsible for the care and upbringing of this child," prosecuting attorney, Roger Thomas, told Cardiff Crown Court on May 26, according to the Daily Mail. "Allowing him to suffer drug contamination is evidence of a lack of care and a lack of concern amounting to neglect."

The court heard messages on Buckley’s phone, which indicated that he had fallen into debt from buying and selling marijuana and cocaine.

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Text messages between Chloe and Buckley reportedly revealed how the couple tried to “get the story straight” about how Finley “fell down the stairs,” along with explanations for other injuries found on the child's post mortem examination.

Roger said the messages also showed Chloe’s “infatuation” with Buckley.

“It summarizes her view of Buckley,” Roger said. “She saw no wrong in him and she put the interest of her child second to that of Buckley, and ignored what was plainly in front of her eyes.

“It was said she had been a good mother, but her affection was subordinate to her desires for Mr. Buckley.”

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The court was shown a video of how the meshing on the chair Buckley allegedly used to kill the infant matched the marks on the child’s scalp.

“The death was caused by Buckley on a defenseless 17-month-old child, with what we claim was quite senseless violence, by shaking him and forcing him against a chair,” Roger added. “We submit there was great tension in the household, over money, tension between each other over Buckley's habits, and claims about other women.

“Tensions had exploded. Chloe Thomas came out of the house and the only other person left is the crying child.”

The child suffered “catastrophic” head trauma after the attack. Doctors found evidence of further abuse on the child, with multiple bleeds and injuries to his head and spine. The injuries were considered “non-accidental.”

Buckley pleaded not guilty to murder charges. He and Chloe also pleaded not guilty to cruelty to a young person under 16.

The trial is expected to continue into June.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror / Photo Credit: Wales News Service via Daily Mirror

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