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Forget Lean Cuisine: Eat Whole Foods to Lose Weight & Feel Great

It was all a dream. I use to read Word Up magazine, Salt and Pepper and MSG up in my Lean Cuisine… Yes, in an effort to be bangin’, I used to eat Lean Cuisines. I was shoveling in packages of just about anything with the “low calorie” label. You could offer me a 100 Calorie Pack of dog and I might have eaten it. How do I know I didn’t? Ingredient-label jibber jabber is pretty indecipherable these days.

In terms of my health, my focus was placed on digits. If only I could have been as obsessed with numbers throughout ninth grade algebra or in back alley games of dice. The equation seemed simple enough; minimizing calories equals staying slim which equals being healthy, right?

What about how you feel? I did not feel good. I did not feel energized after I ate, which, come to find, is the reason we are actually supposed to eat in the first place. Weird… I was rarely satisfied after eating, which left me always feeling hungry and, as cool as that sounds, being hungry is only cool if your stomach has a record deal with Dr Dre. Other than that it sucks.

Realizing the low-calorie goodness of whole foods, like straight-up fruits and veggies, was an exciting breakthrough for me. A lifelong fan of broccoli, I was certainly down with the idea of food that you can eat a lot of, while losing weight and feeling amazing. That was the thing, I actually felt good after eating whole, fresh foods. As I upped the appearance of fresh fruit and vegetables in my diet, post-meal “I ate too much” babblings began making guest appearances less frequently. I was also starting to get a killer glow.

When I talk whole foods, I’m speaking about raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that don’t pop out of a box. These are natural foods in their purest state: Living Foods. Living foods, with thriving enzymes intact, nourish and energize the body. They are also deeply cleansing and detoxifying, which aides in healing old inner beer-bong and drive-thru-window wounds.

About now you might be thinking, “Hey crack mama, there’s no way I’m going to give it all up for a couple of carrot sticks.” I don’t blame you - I wouldn’t give it all up for a couple of carrot sticks either. How about a rich raw tiramisu that’s tastin’ better than the real deal, and makes you feel like a rock star? Or maybe you’d enjoy a fresh smoothie that’s all kinds of creamy and milkshake like…? Oh here, I’ve got it- what would you say to some spicy raw tacos adorned with fresh salsa and chunky guacamole? I’d say sign me up for the hat dance, it’s time to fiesta.

It’s interesting; what you put into your blood stream, your body begins to crave. These days, a spinach smoothie fires me up more than a pizza boy with tight abs and an extra large veggie supreme. Back in my heyday, that would not have been the case: I would have eaten that pie off the poor boy’s abs before he even had time to hand over the red pepper flakes. It was incorporating more whole foods into my diet that transformed my food preferences.

As the food you desire starts to shift, you’ll find yourself ready to call it quits on the foods that are not benefiting you. I never even considered giving up cherry cheesecake until I had a raw vegan cherry cheesecake that tasted like a dream and didn’t give me a stomachache or make me feel like a whale afterward. Not allowing yourself to eat what you want is torturous and will leave you feeling deprived. Now you can explore the world of healthy alternatives, here with me on Yoganonymous, and sub in all the new discoveries you find yourself loving. Hells yeah.

Rocking a whole food diet the past three years has completely changed my life. I find myself with energy levels that I have never known, pretty crazy for a kid that grew up watching people exercise on television…. And I am here to hook you up with everything I have learned - recipes, tips, the real deal- so that you can acquire the glow too!

This glow doesn’t just come from a clearer complexion or dropping a few pounds, it radiates from within. It is the radiance of feeling really good in your skin, learning balance and finding some peace. This is what a lifestyle rich in whole foods has brought to my life…

And if you don’t know, now you know, doll face.


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