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HCG: It Works and It's Easy

I was introduces to HCG diet Platinum in the beginning of Nov. and before Thanksgiving I got rid of 26lb.  I went off the diet and ate my normal amt. during the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) and I did not gain any weight back.

Today I decide to start it again as I would love to lose another 15lbs.  This diet works for me because I have never been a big eater, I could go all day and eat nothing and then have a normal dinner and probably a snack around10. (that was my down fall, I really wasn't taking in enough calories so my body was storing everything.  The 500 calorie diet works for me because it is the correct amt. of food for me and so I am tricking my body when I use the HCG Platinum to make the weight fall off. 

I have never felt better, no tiredness,no grouchiness, no hunger and I look good,  It just doesn't get any better than this.  THANK YOU PREGNANT WOMEN!


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