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Man Infected With Flesh-Eating Bacteria While Fishing

A Texas man feared that he would lose his leg after being infected with a flesh-eating bacteria while on a fishing trip.

Adrian Ruiz went on a fishing trip to Port Aransas, Texas, with his family for Father’s Day, KXAN reported. On June 19, Ruiz noticed a rash developing on his leg. He also had a headache.

A few days passed and the rash grew worse. Ruiz went to a nearby hospital, where a doctor diagnosed him with Vibrio Vulnificus, a flesh-eating bacteria commonly caused by eating undercooked shellfish or going in contaminated water with an open wound.

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"Once the doctor looked at his foot, he said 'I think this is cellulitis, but I know you have been in the beach water. I’m not trying to alarm you or scare you but there has been flesh-eating bacteria reported in Galveston,'" Ruiz’s wife, Lashelle Ruiz, told KXAN.

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The bacteria had not yet been reported in Port Aransas at the time.

"If we would have known that there was flesh-eating bacteria in the water, we wouldn’t have gotten in," Lashelle said.

"I’m fearful for him possibly losing his leg, I don’t want to think that that is going to happen and I have told him that we are going to be positive," she added.

Doctors found no open cuts or wounds on Adrian’s leg. Adrian appeared to be on the road to recovery.

“He is getting better, he was up and around the room today he is in some discomfort, but swelling is going down,” said Seton Vice President of Medical Affairs Dr. Fausto Meza. “He is looking good.”

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The Ruiz family said they will be careful when going on vacation from here on out.

“We love going to the beach,” Lashelle added. “Just be cautious of this, enter at your own risk.”

The family also set up a donation page on to help pay for Adrian’s medical costs. As of June 27, the page has raised over $600 of its $10,000 goal.

Sources: KXAN, / Photo Credit: Ruiz Family via KXAN

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