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Indian Woman Gives Birth To Boy With Two Heads (Photos)

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A woman in India gave birth to a boy with two heads and three arms.

Mother Shabana Khatun, 23, thought she was having twin boys, but as many as eight doctors rushed to assist delivery when it was discovered the boys were conjoined, according to reports.

"Since it was not a regularly delivery case, an eight-member team of doctors was formed to help with the delivery," Dr. Pushpa Pavaiyya, who lead the team of doctors, told Mirror.

Khatun delivered the boy via C-section and the child was rushed into intensive care. He died shortly thereafter.

In February, another Indian woman, 28-year-old Tazmina Khatun, delivered a baby girl whose heart was outside of her body. Doctors are actively trying to find a solution to save the girl's life, according to reports.

Tazmina Khatun (relation to Shabana was undetermined) had not sought medical attention or prenatal care during the pregnancy due to a lack of funds and knowledge that such care was necessary. Khatun did not have an ultrasound before delivery, and had no knowledge of the girl's condition.

In Oct. 2016, another set of conjoined twins was delivered in India. The baby boy was born to his 20-year-old mother in northern India.

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Dr. Jaiprakash Narayan, an assistant professor of the pediatric medicine department, said many nurses and doctors heard about the delivery and wanted to catch a glimpse of the "miracle baby," according to the Daily Mail.

The parents of this boy also did not seek medical care. "It was the couple's first child, which probably explains why they didn't see a doctor during the pregnancy and take extra precautions," said Dr. Narayan. "The mother completed her pregnancy full-term and was doing well post surgery but the baby suffered breathing issues."

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"The operation is possible in some cases of conjoined twins but here it was nearly impossible," he said. "Despite having two pairs of all of their internal organs they were all trapped in one body, with only one pair of arms and legs. You cannot separate such children."

Dr. Narayan urged the family to leave the boy in the care of nurses and doctors, but they opted to take him home instead. The boy died roughly 32 hours later.

A recent study found two in 100 babies born in India had birth defects, according to the Indian Express.

"We have been able to identify that 2.2 percent of babies in India are born with a congenital anomaly," said Dr. Anita Kar, from the University of Pune's Interdisciplinary School of Health and Sciences.

"In absolute numbers, this translates into nearly [600,000] babies being born each year with a congenital anomaly, with heart defects being the most prevalent condition," Dr. Kar said.

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail, Indian Express / Photo credit: Pixabay, Cover Asia Press via Daily Mail

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