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'I Was Shocked': Man Diagnosed With Breast Cancer After Wrestling Match With Grandson (Video)

A wrestling match with his grandson may have very well saved his life and now this breast cancer survivor is making it his life’s mission to raise awareness about early detection.

Denver radio host Murphy Huston is a part of the 1 percent of breast cancer cases that occur in men, CBS 4 reported. He noticed something strange last March while wrestling with his grandson, Greyson.

“And he head-butts me in the chest and there was like a sharp pain,” Huston told CBS 4. “And I went like, ‘Wow, that was kind of weird.’ Of course I felt that area and I felt a lump.

“I was shocked.”

Huston’s wife, Carol, had fought breast cancer 20 years ago so he was familiar with the disease. A biopsy later confirmed that he had it as well.

Doctors told the father-of-four and grandfather-of-seven that the early detection paid off.

“They did a male mastectomy on me and got everything out of there,” Huston said. “No chemo, no radiation, ‘You’re good to go.’ I mean it was a miracle.”

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Huston believes he got breast cancer for a reason and has now made it his mission to spread the word to men that they too can be afflicted by the horrible disease. He once repelled down a building in a pink tutu to raise money for the Cancer League of Colorado and will speak at the 15th annual Men for the Cure event in September.

“It can happen to us,” he said. “Maybe it’s just God wanting me to use what I do to get the word out.”

Sources: CBS DenverLift Bump

Photo Credit: CBS Denver


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