Wife Gives Birth Day After Husband Dies


A Massachusetts woman was hit by an unexpected tragedy one day before she delivered her twin sons.

In the early morning of March 25, Sue Trubiano, 39, of Natick, Massachusetts, woke up to find her husband, Dino Trubiano, gasping for air as he slept next to her, WFXT reported. She called for emergency assistance, but he passed away in spite of the efforts of paramedics and hospital staff to resuscitate him.

The next day on March 26, her twin boys, Caleb Peter and Jacob Dino, were delivered via Caesarean section.

As Sue was giving birth, one of her friends set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the new mother. The goal of the page was to raise funds to support Sue and her newborn sons, as well as to help cover funeral expenses for her husband.

The page raised nearly over $52,000 in donations in three days.

"The outpouring of support from our community has just been completely overwhelming," Tara McDonald, Dino's sister, told WFXT. "It makes me feel so good to know that I live in a place where people just do. They just do."

McDonald added said that her late brother was overjoyed to become a father and that he and Sue had been trying to get pregnant for two years.

 "This was the happiest time of his life," she said. "For those babies to be born and to see her be a mother and him to experience being a father."

Dino's family does not know yet whether he died of a heart attack or a seizure. A daily runner and vegetarian, he seemed to have been in perfect health before his sudden death.

"We want to know why [he died], but we also want to know if it's something that we have to be careful of for the boys as they get older or even is it hereditary for us or our children," Denise Caulfield, Dino's other sister, said.

Sue is scheduled to leave the hospital on March 30, two days before her husband's funeral. 

Sources: WFXT, GoFundMe / Photo Credit: GoFundMe

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