Baby Gives Parents Military Salute From Womb (Photo)

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as they say.

Ex-Marine Robert Cooper and Mehgan Merriott were amazed when an ultrasound appeared to show their 12-week-old baby giving a military salute from the womb, notes WTVM.

"While they were doing the sonogram the baby was actually sleeping on its side and they tried several times to get him/her to wake up to take the picture that they needed to take," Merriott said, according to ABC. "The baby didn't want to wake up, then threw [its] hand in the air and then threw it back down."

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The Georgia-based couple's doctor, as well as their 3-year-old son, got a kick out of the baby's gesture.

"We thought it was pretty crazy at first," she told ABC News. "The doctors, nurses, my son was there … he looked up at the screen and started laughing."

Cooper said he can't wait to meet the little patriot.

"I really enjoyed getting to see the little guy/girl and look forward to meeting him/her," he said. "I'm sure it's going to be a handful."

Merriott explained that Cooper's mother plans to display the ultrasound photo on her wall in recognition of her veteran son.

A party to reveal the baby's gender is scheduled for Sept. 24.

Sources: WTVM, ABC News / Photo credit: Merriott/Cooper Family via  ABC News

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