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Man Gets Penis Stuck In Wedding Ring (Video)

A man in China has taken the internet by storm after penis became stuck in his wedding ring for two days (video below).

The 18-year-old was in intense pain when he sought help on Sept. 13, the Daily Mail reports.

For two days, he had tried removing it by himself at home, but his penis had become too swollen.

Ninety minutes later at a hospital, firefighters were able to free the man's member from the ring.

Video of the unusual procedure made its way onto the internet, shocking many.

A bag of ice can be seen on the man's penis area while he covers his face in what looks like pain.

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Many are now questioning why the man had a wedding ring on his penis in the first place.

No other information about who he is or why it happened has been given. It's not clear if the man was engaged to be married or was married.

Still, that hasn't stopped people from speculating and making jokes.

"He liked it so he put a ring on it," one user wrote on the Daily Mail's Facebook page, referring to the hit song by Beyonce.

"That is not where you are supposed to wear it buddy," another user wrote. "We usually wear them on our finger."

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It's not the first amusing and embarrassing wedding-related story to capture attention, Identity Magazine reports.

A woman recalls the time she was checking into a hotel as part of a wedding party.

After entering the hotel room to prepare for the festivities, they found a disheveled maintenance man, who quickly ran out. Moments later, they saw a maid.

"The maid proceeds to walk towards me mumbling something about a courtesy call and a breakfast buffet, but all I could focus on was that her pants were undone, her shirt untucked, she was wearing NO shoes and her hair was all over the place," the woman, named Jasmin, recalls. "As she walks towards me she is tucking in her shirt and trying to button her pants, which she was having trouble with."

"If not for our courtesy call, I’m sure I would have walked in on the main event!" she added. "When we came down to change rooms and complain at the front desk, the girl said 'well, you’ll need to speak with a manager, they were just up there changing the filter.'  HA!  He was cleaning out a filter alright."

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mail/Facebook, Identity Magazine / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Screenshots via YouTube

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