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Isaiah Shell, 14, Dies While Choking Himself in Internet 'Game'

Isaiah Shell, a 14-year-old boy from Salem, Indiana, died last week while playing a dangerous Internet choking game.

The game consists of choking yourself until you get a brief high as your oxygen intake drops, reports the Daily Mail.

His mother Maggie Shell told WLKY-TV: ‘He never would have ever wanted any of us to hurt like we hurt. I  know this wasn't something he meant to do."

His sister Rhonda Shell said: "I've heard of it, but I never thought someone like Isaiah would ever play that game."

Maggie Shell claims that her son Isaiah decided to try the choking game after a friend sent him a video: "Whoever is putting this stuff [online], they need to stop it."

WBIW-TV reports that Isaiah Shell's body was discovered in the basement of his family's home on Friday; no autopsy has been performed.

Since 2006, the Dangerous Behaviors Foundation, Inc, has tried to raise awareness about the dangers of the choking game.


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