Isabella, Jacob Top Baby Names for 2010


Picking the name for a baby is the one of the first decisions a parent must make. It certainly is a tough one -- there are just so many names out there. If you just want to go with the flow, here is the list of the top 10 baby names for boys and girls, courtesy of the Social Security Administration.

The top names are unchanged from 2009 -- Isabella and Jacob. Sophia is a rising star, climbing from fourth to second. Joshua is fading fast, dropping out of the top 10 to eleventh, from its lofty perch at number six in 2009.

Ladies first:

1) Isabella
2) Sophia
3) Emma
4) Olivia
5) Ava
6) Emily
7) Abigail
8) Madison
9) Chloe
10) Mia

As for the boys:

1) Jacob
2)  Ethan
3)  Michael
4)  Jayden
5)  William
6)  Alexander
7)  Noah
8)  Daniel
9)  Aiden
10)  Anthony


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