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Is Donna Simpson Just a Weighty Hoax?

My first thought when watching the video of Donna Simpson on the "The Tyra Banks Show" was "this can't be real." What kind of 600-pound person wants to gain weight? And why would her slim, seemingly normal boyfriend want her to pack on the extra pounds?

Maybe I'm cynical. Coming off "Balloon Boy" and now what increasingly looks like the Prius hoax, don't we all have the right to be?

Maybe she is indeed that overweight, and is just making up the story to get on television.

Maybe she was wearing a fat suit and makeup, which is highly unlikely, but deserving of at least a mention. Impossible, you say? Remember how realistic real-life skinny Gwenyth Paltrow looked in that fat suit in "Shallow Hal?" But certainly the Tyra Banks producers would have seen that, right?

Well, here's the thing. Sometimes these talk shows are not on the up-and-up. Now, I'm not saying the "The Tyra Banks Show" is complicit in things like this. I cannot stress that enough. But read the following, and you'll see why I am a doubter:

I know a guy who used to do some work for one of the very high profile talk shows (I'll let you figure out which one). He was contracted to go to some small town down south and shoot video of a supposed dying white supremacist, whose final wish was that her daughter not marry a black man.

My friend's first job when he got there, on the order of the shows producers, was to go out and find a black guy to play the boyfriend. They could only find a Jewish guy, so they used him. Then he had to go find some oxygen tanks to place around the room to make it appear that the man was dying.

The entire story was made up, and the producers knew about it. I never really believed all of the things I saw on shows like these. But I assumed the producers purposely kept themselves in the dark, not confirming a woman's story that "my brother's uncle's best friend's sister's cousin's roommate is my baby's daddy," and just throwing her on the air. But from what my friend told me, the producers were in on the whole thing.

Again, I'm not saying the Tyra Banks producers are like that, too. It is a much more responsible show, and I'm sure they act accordingly. But this weighty story just doesn't seem right, does it?


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