Is teeth whitening safe ?

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Cosmetic dentistry has seen progress by leaps and bounds in the recent times with the role of a cosmetic dentist gaining tremendous importance, Cosmetic dentistry as entire new field has come into light since last few years. Blemished teeth not only affect smile but also have great effect on one's well being. They can hamper your confidence while interacting with others and bring down your performance on both professional and private fronts. Stained teeth can be cleaned with help of several whitening agents. But before you go for any of these methods, you need to make sure about their reliability.

Teeth whitening procedures need to be done again and again after a definite period of time. Sensitive gums and teeth can suffer due to whitening techniques containing bleaching agents. Their teeth will react strongly while eating any very cold or hot food items like ice-creams and soup.The most important thing about teeth whitening agents is their susceptibility to affect the enamel of teeth. The whitening products come in close contact with teeth enamel, they react with the stain of the teeth and neutralize them to produce a stain free surface of the teeth. During this interaction, there are chances of over reaction as a result of which the enamel may be stripped off. Facts suggest that those whitening agents that contain concentration of carbamide peroxide higher than 10% pose risk of damaging the enamel. Higher concentration of enamel will result in the enamel becoming weaker. This can be prevented with fluoride gels precribed by dentists to those using whitening agents with more dilution. There are high possibilities of teeth facing a decay if the enamel is affected adversely.

If whitening of tooth is not regular then yellowish spots may develop over teeth. This happens if some part of tooth reacted more with adents and some less. Hence some parts are clean and some may be stainful. To correct this, the patient will have to undergo another treatment on the completion of the treatment to impart a finished touch to the teeth. Chemicals used in these products can cause harmful impact on the teeth and allergies are also feasible. In addition, if the person accidentally swallows the chemical, severe consequences such as nauseous feeling and vomiting can be caused.

If done in a correct way and with safe products, these procedures are not harmful and the user is very likely to get success with these techniques. Procedure should be conducted under medical supervision. It is safer to do the treatment in the dentist's clinic than at home privately. Crooked teeth Treatment will be well executed in dentist's chamber. Only certain stains can be removed with these products. Only a dentist can tell you whether these products will be effective for you or not.


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