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Is Sitting Exhausting?

Are you one of those that spends hours sitting? I know I do, I spend hours on my chair and this can be exhausting. Our bodies are designed to move but we restrict it from doing so by sitting incorrectly. We limit the bodies full range of flexibility or strength by leaning on the comfortable props like easy chairs, beds and so on. Our discs need nutrition and they get this by movement. The more we move the more fluid is absorbed. The healthier the spine.

Choose a good firm chair. A chair with a straight back that will support your spine is a must. When sitting in the chair make sure you are all the way to the back. Both feet should be flat on the ground and if that is not possible then place something under the feet. Your spine must be in a upright position.

A few stretches to do while seated.

  • Gently drop your right ear to your right shoulder stretching the left side of the neck, saying aware that your spine is in its upright position and the shoulders are down. Breathe deep and slow. Repeating it on the other side as well. Hold each position for about 5 breaths. (1inhale and 1 exhale = 1 breath)
  • Place the hands on the arm rest of your chair. Knees together. On an exhale twist gently to your right. take the twist slow and gently. Twisting on the exhale only. Inhale to center and slow exhale to the other side. One breath one movement.
  • Tuck the chin towards the chest and on a slow exhale role the spine down, bringing the head closer to your thighs. Arms are heavy and shoulders relaxed. Stay down for a breaths and on your inhale roll up one vertebrae at a time last of all the head.

So the next time you find yourself fidgeting in your chair try the above stretches. Always breathing deeply and combining each breath to each movement.

A good sitting position helps the mind to be focused. Breathing becomes deeper thus toning the muscles surrounding the lungs. One feels more energized when sitting upright and it looks and feels elegant. Reduces back or neck pain when one positioned correctly in a chair.

To keep the lateral sides of your back muscles strong sit on the floor in a cross leg position. Place a cushion under your sits bone. Create length in your spine from the base up when you inhale. Place a book on your head and you will quickly see the change in your posture and breathing. You have just created space between the vertebrates.


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