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Is Rod Stewart Too Old to Have Another Kid?

Rod Stewart and his third wife, photographer Penny Lancaster, are expecting a baby. This will be the rock star's eighth child. He'll be 66 when the baby's born. Is Rod Stewart too old to have another child?

Commenters all over the Net are weighing in on Rod's ability to parent his impending bundle of joy. Some say he's far too old to have a baby: he'll be in his eighties when the child is a teenager, or, if worse comes to worst, he could die while his new son or daughter is still very young. Others say it doesn't matter, since Rod's new child will probably be raised by nannies anyway.

There's another issue here, however: regardless of how old he is, is Rod Stewart actually a good father? His second-born, musician and model Sean Stewart, appeared on the reality show "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew," where he claimed that he grew up in a household devoid of affection. According to Sean, Rod was constantly on tour, and never there for him.

Kimberly Stewart, Sean's sister, seems to have fared somewhat better, but in 2006, she was rumored to be suffering from a liver disease caused by excessive drinking. Rod was the one who started the rumors: he mentioned the ailment in an interview with Rolling Stone. Kimberly then denied the allegation, saying "I love my dad, but sometimes he has a big mouth - and not just when he's singing. I don't have a liver disease." In any case, she was 26 years old in 2006 - a little young to be facing rumors of a pickled liver already. Whether that's partially her dad's fault is debatable.

Age isn't always a factor when it comes to good parenting. Plenty of children are raised by their grandparents, and their love often makes up for the fact that Grandpa can't chase a toddler quite as fast as Dad might have been able to. The important part is how much attention and affection the child is receiving from his or her caregiver - not how old that caregiver is. Hopefully Rod Stewart will lavish his new baby with lots of love and care, even if his bones creak a bit while he does it.


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