Is Pilates A-OK When Pregnant?


Are you a Pilates enthusiast or looking to start when or while you're pregnant?

That’s Fit caught up with Pilates pro Alycea Ungaro, who gave some useful tips on how to start or continue your Pilates routine with a bun in the oven. Here’s a small excerpt:

Ungaro said back-lying poses are considered a no-go after the first trimester. Lying supine puts pressure on a major vein called the vena cava, which can lessen blood flow to your brain and uterus; you may wind up dizzy, short of breath or nauseated. The woman I witnessed at her Pilates lessons spent a lot of time lying on her back. Although I never heard her complain once — and she showed up for her session right up until the week she gave birth — that doesn’t necessarily mean she wasn’t compromising blood flow to either herself or the baby. The instructor should have modified those back-lying moves by placing a pad or pillow under her hip or booty or by skipping some of those moves altogether. As Ungaro pointed out, she also shouldn’t have kept her in any one position too long.

But there is good news that Pilates can be practiced very safely during pregnancy.

“When done correctly, Pilates can be very safe during pregnancy,” said Ungaro. “It’s uniquely adaptable for any level of fitness, all types of injuries and any stage of pregnancy. So long as you keep hydrated, and stop and rest if you feel breathless, dizzy or light-headed, you should do fine with it.”

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