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Is Lindsay Lohan the New Anna Nicole Smith?

Growing up in a world full of gossip blogs and paparazzi attention, many celebrities are under a constant, oppressive spotlight. 

Some can handle the pressure and succeed in living healthy “normal” lifestyles. But what happens when the Hollywood playground of endless parties turns into deadly drug addictions?

After being in and out of rehab numerous times, Lindsay Lohan is just one of many celebrities who repeatedly struggles with alcohol and drug abuse. Her failure to adhere to court orders and drug rehabilitation led to her recent – albeit brief – stint in prison.

After serving just 13 days of her 90 day sentence, Lindsay spent 23 days in a rehabilitation facility only to go right back to her old ways. For the second time, Lohan failed a drug test this past Monday. Whether her alleged “wake up call” earlier this summer was a desperate attempt to salvage a floundering career, or, an earnest attempt to get healthy, these sad circumstances should spur Hollywood and society at large to ask, who is facilitating these deadly habits? Furthermore, what punishment, if any, do they deserve? 

While Lohan heads back to jail today, the trial of Howard K. Stern, and Drs. Khristine Eroshevich and Sandeep Kapoor, continues. Over the last 7 weeks the jury has been listening to the evidence to ultimately determine who is legally responsible for the overdose and death of Anna Nicole Smith. 

After Smith’s unfortunate death in 2007, the trio pled not guilty to facilitating the former Playboy model’s drug addiction. After re-examination, however, the case was resurrected for round two.  This case could set significant precedent regarding the criminal culpability of drug facilitators. 

Too often celebrities either experiment with recreational drugs, or, are over-medicated by their doctors, which can rapidly turn into pharmaceutical death. Regrettably, this growing trend has caused the death of many celebrities including Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger and Brittany Murphy. 

Facilitating these self-destructive behaviors only continues the vicious cycle of addiction. Whatever the motive is for facilitating the abuse – love, fame, money – many celebrities are permitted unusual access to pharmaceuticals with devastating results. If convicted, then the ongoing trial of co-defendants Stern, Kapoor, and Eroshevich may set the standard for criminal drug facilitator punishment.

As we await the outcome, what is clear is that Smith had access to excessive amounts of deadly pharmaceuticals for some period of time - up to 1,500 pills in a single month, consuming 20 at once, possession of 44 different power prescription medications, and equipment suggesting drug injections. If this evidence fails to clearly demonstrate drug addiction, then what would? Celebrity access to powerful prescription drugs is out of control and a line should be drawn. 

These tragic accidental drug overdoses would be far less frequent if those who prescribe, furnish, obtain and possess these powerful medications were subject to criminal punishment. Is it time for drug facilitators to suffer consequences for their dubious behavior, regardless of whether they claim to be blinded by love, fame, or, greed? 

For Lohan’s sake, let’s hope those who facilitate her addictions are punished before her story mimics that of Marilyn or Anna Nicole.


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