Is Baby Sign Language Just a Parenting Fad?


Baby sign language isn’t the first popular parenting method to come around. Remember when babies couldn’t be put to sleep without a Mozart tape playing or else they’d be behind every other kid in preschool? Have you seen all those late-night infomercials for teaching babies to read by simply setting them in front of a television to watch a program? There have been hundreds of trends promising to make your baby an Einstein! So, this begs the question; what makes Baby Sign Language different? 

           Baby signing isn’t just a quick program that begins and ends during the baby years. Baby signing goes hand in hand with a recognized language, American Sign Language. It’s essentially teaching your baby a second language, one that they can continue learning and using throughout life. The benefits of bilingualism are numerous, as I’m sure you’re all aware. 

           Baby Sign Language has very direct and positive results. How soon can you really determine the benefits from listening to certain songs or being set in front of certain television shows? Now, when your baby signs “I Love You” to you at an age earlier than they can even speak, you know for sure that it was baby sign language classes that did it!

            Baby Sign Language is so much more fun for the mom and the baby! It mimics playing, and it requires the face-to-face interaction your baby craves! I don’t know about you, but I would much rather my baby learn his/ her first words from me rather than some stranger on the television!

           Here are a few more reasons I believe Baby Signing has staying power!

  • Sign Language started in the 18th Century! How's that for staying power
  • Sign Language is the 3rd spoken language in America!
  • The rhythms of Sign Language mirrors the babbling rhythms of babies!(Petitto, Holowka, Sergio,Levy,& Ostry, 2004).

           Clearly, Baby Sign Language is going to be around for a long time, benefitting several generations to come! We are only beginning to gather all the information on the benefits and uses. What an exciting time to join and become a part of this parenting phenomenon! 

So… Let the Sign Shine!

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