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iPhone Burns Hole In Boy's Pants, Leaves 2nd Degree Burns (Photo)

Texas boy Isaiah Clinton was sitting at his desk during school when a classmate suddenly saw smoke coming from his pants.

“The boy behind me told me my pocket was smoking and that’s when I got up and tried to take my phone out of my pocket,” Clinton said.

The damage had already been done by the time Clinton could remove the iPhone 5c from his pocket. The phone left burns not only on the 11-year-old’s clothing but also on his skin.

Clinton’s mother, Denisea Harris, noted that when she took her son to the emergency room the doctors reported that Clinton had 2nd degree burns. According to Harris, the doctors couldn’t believe the burns came from a phone.

The incident has left Harris concerned not only about her son’s safety but others who may also have an iPhone. After searching the internet, Harris found report after report of people who said that their iPhones had caught on fire without explanation.

“We all have iPhones in my whole family and I don’t want it to happen again,” Harris said.

According to Harris, Apple has made a claim for the phone and has promised to “get back” to her.

Sources: Fox News, DailyMail / Photo Credit: Fox News


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