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Investigation Opened After Newborn Is Dropped On Head By Drowsy Nurse

A hospital says a drowsy nurse accidentally dropped a newborn baby on his head, fracturing his skull, and now, the baby’s mother is demanding answers.

Reports say a nurse at Uniontown Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was caring for a baby named Eli on June 30 when she started to become drowsy. The nurse accidentally let the baby slip out of her hands as she started to doze off, and the infant hit the ground headfirst.

Eli’s mother, Jacqueline Hunt, says it wasn’t until an hour later that a doctor came in and told them what had happened. Hunt notes that the first time she saw her baby, he was in a neck brace.

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“The pediatrician came in and told us that (the nurse) was feeding him and burping him, and she was drowsy and fell asleep and dropped him,” Hunt said.

“If she was tired, she should have known professionally not to pick up this child,” the angry new mom added.

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Hunt says she doesn’t understand why it took doctors so long to inform her about the incident. Now, Hunt and her family say Eli is in stable condition at a nearby children’s hospital after suffering a fracture as well as bleeding on the right side of his skull.

“It’s just heartbreaking. I mean, if it was an accident, you can admit and tell us it was an accident,” Hunt said. “There's no need to lie.”

WPXI reports that Uniontown Hospital released a statement about the incident, saying it is taking steps to ensure this never happens again:

“At Uniontown Hospital, we are committed to making a healthy difference in every life we touch and when such an unfortunate incident occurs, we take it very seriously and personally.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the child and the family. We are sorry that such a wonderful event has been overshadowed by an unfortunate situation. We are thankful that it appears that this incident did not result in significant injury and we will continue to work to ensure that we do all we can to prevent such incidents from occurring.”

An investigation is ongoing.

Sources: WXPI, Daily Mail

Photo Source: Screenshots via Daily Mail


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