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2010's Best Healthy Snacks and Drinks

Yesterday, we shared all of our top picks for this year’s Fitties awards, but today is all about food fun. Today, we’re sharing all of our favorite nom-tastic treats that we’ve been munching on for the last 365 days or so.


Best Morning Wake-Up Beverage: Click—A protein drink with a dose of caffeine? And it tastes like mocha? Good morning!

Most Addictive Tea: Salada Green Tea Mint—This green tea and mint combination made Jenn swoon. And swoon a lot.

Best Non-Alcoholic Relaxer:iChill—This beverage got Jenn into a peaceful state of mind.

Best Drink That Tastes Like Pie:CherryPharm Tart Cherry Juice—It’s strong. It’s tart. It’s got antioxidants. But OMG, it tastes like PIE.

Best Post-Workout Drink:Designer Whey Protein Water—A protein-packed post-workout energy drink that tastes delish!

Best Energy Drink/Natural Buzz:Function Drinks—Perfect for an afternoon energy slump, the flavors get two thumbs up.

Most Interesting Beverage Experiment:Matcha Green Tea—Though I can’t say I could drink this stuff straight, it was funto try. And yummy once thrown into a smoothie!

Snacks and Meals

Best Tortilla Chip Alternative/Crunchy Snack:Salba Smart Organic Tortilla Chips—Made Jenn love her taco salad even more.

Best Substitute for a Girl Scout Thin Mint:Chocolate Peppermint Luna Bars—Luna can really do no wrong, but these especially made me smile.

Best Lunch in a Pinch (Or Heck, Even When Not in a Pinch):Dr. McDougall’s Soups—These need to hit mainstream grocery stores everywhere. They are fabulous. Enough said.


Best Mounds Bar Replacement:SmallWorld Beauty Coconut Cream Bars—When you’re not feeling like a nut, these are always tasty.

Best Chocolate/Caramel Fix:Truffulls—So tasty we can’t believe these have protein and fiber.

Cookbooks and Media

Best Overall Cookbook Because Every Recipe I’ve Made is Really Tasty So Far:The EatingWell Diet—Whether it’s the lasagna or the turkey burgers, these recipes are winners!

Best Potatoes: Flat Belly Diet! Cookbook—These potatoes have worked their way into Jenn’s regular dinner rotation.

Most Terrifying but Important Documentary:Food Inc.—Will open your mind and change your plate.

If you’re looking to spice up your pantry, fridge or bookshelf, you really can’t go wrong with any of these award winners. Let us know what you think when you try them. And of course, don’t forget to check back later today another awesome giveaway! —Erin


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