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Introducing the February 2011 FBG Challenge!

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So it’s darn-near February now, and you know what February is, right? That’s right— it’s the month of looove! And whether or not you’re in a relationship with someone else, this month we’re challenging you to strengthen your relationship with the most important person in your life: YOU! So instead of challenging you to eat more or less of that, we’re asking that you do something that only takes two minutes a day, yet can make a huge difference in your life. Each day write down three things you love about yourself for the entire month. And no repeats!

So often we focus on what we don’t like about ourselves instead of all of the fabulous things that are worth celebrating. Be it your sense of humor, your strong legs, your beautiful eye color, your tenacity or even your honesty or ability to get back on track after falling off the workout wagon—there are so many things to pat yourself on the back (or fit bottomed rear!) about.

And, although this isn’t our goal, we have noticed that when you do begin to recognize and respect all the amazing things about yourself, then all of a sudden you want to eat healthy foods that fuel you and give you energy. Not to mention that you also want to move that beautiful body of yours. When you love yourself, everything seems more possible.

So, who’s in for this love-yourself challenge? Start by posting three things you love about yourself here, and keep the love coming on this discussion board thread! Not a member of our free SparkPeople team yet? Get to joining and connecting with other Fit Bottomed Girls readers! Also be sure to check in often next week when we hold our first-ever “Love Yo’self Week” on FBG. We’re all about love, love, love this month!  —Jenn


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