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The Best Fitness Products of 2010

Last year, we had a BLAST picking and honoring our fave fitness products with the official FBG Fitties. This year, we’re bringing the Fitties fun back with a list of our absolute can’t-live-without fitness and health items that we’ve tried over the past year. We created some categories this go-round to make things both informative and, as usual, not too serious. And the Fitties go to…


Best Sports Bra for the Small-Chested:

Handful—We love the straps and the fit!

Best Athletic Bikini:LOLE—Still making us drool.

Most Inspiring Performance Shirt:New Balance Performance T—My Girls on the Run shirt was printed on this, and I still cherish it!

Cheeriest Accessory:lucy’s Gazelle Seamless Half Zip—Bright yellow with thumb-holes? Hells yes.


Best On-the-Go Makeup Remover:Ponds Towelettes—Always carry a few in your gym bag.

Best Detergent that Tackles Any Stanky Smell:WIN Detergent—Trust us. It gets the stink out.


Image placeholder title

Mine say "FBG Jenn" on the tongue. Awesome.

Biggest Fashion-Statement Running Shoe:Nike iD—When Madonna wrote “Express Yourself,” we’re pretty sure she was writing about these.

Most Unexpected Comeback Shoe:K-Swiss Tubes—It’s like third-grade, only cooler!


Best CD to Listen to From First Song to Last Song, Over and Over Again: Black Eyed Peas, THE E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies)—Imma be jammin’ to this for years!

Most Disturbing/Hilarious/We-Can’t Believe This Is Real Video:Zsa Zsa Gabor’s It’s Simple Darling—The category says it all.

Fitness Buys

Best Tool for Beginners:NextFit Keychain Trainer—It’s like having Bob Harper in your pocket. Growl.

Newbie Must-Have:Hit the Deck—A simple yet brilliant idea that gets you moving with minimal equipment.

Most Therapeutic/Self-Inflicted Pain:Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls—They hurt, but they work. Plus, you can make endless “ball” jokes.

Best Wii Game that Actually Burns Some Calories:EA Active—Get into the workout!

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We're giving this one a special Fittie.

Most Sexually Suggestive Workout:Shake Weight—We don’t recommend buying this for a workout, but it’s hecka entertaining.


Best Live-Happy Guide:Add More ~ing to Your LifeThe ultimate in feel-good self-help books.

Best Book to Re-Energize You: The SparkIt just might “spark” something in you. Har har.

Best Book to Salivate to:Flat Belly Diet! CookbookRoasted potatoes with blue cheese and walnut butter. Need I say more?

Workout DVDs

Best Killer DVD: Anything by Jillian Michaels—We hate her and love her simultaneously.

Best Dance Workout that Makes You Feel Like You Can Dance Even If You Can’t:SYTYCD—Get your Twitch on.

Best Mind/Body DVD that Actually Makes You Sweat: intenSati, Great Body, Great LifeYoga Meltdown was a close second, but we already gave her a Fittie, so we’re spreading the love.

DVD Collection Must-Have:Personal Training with Jackie, Power Circuit Training—Five stars, people!

Best Use of Balls in a DVD (That’s PG-Rated): Physique 57—I still do this DVD weekly!

Surprisingly Awesome DVD Hit: Kim Kardashian’s Fit in Your Jeans by Friday—Who’d have thunk it?!

Other Stuff that Deserves a Fittie But Doesn’t Fit Neatly in a Category

Most Female-Friendly Gym:Pink Iron GymThis club has the right attitude and approach to fitness. Even if you hate the color pink, you’ll love this place.

Weird Thing We Can’t Live Without: Aquaphor—It saved my lips in winter and my feet during marathon training.

Biggest Wake-Up Call: Training at Equinox—You don’t know sore until you’ve had your butt kicked by Jayme.

Best for Getting in Touch with Bodily Functions:GoGirlThis was a close runner-up, but GoGirl wins for delivering me the most hilarious email I’ve ever received from Erin.

Best Upgrade:Our own site—Not to toot our own horn…but toot toot!

And there you have it…the 2010 Fitties! What would be on your fave fitness list from the last 365 days?

Be sure not to miss tomorrow’s post as we’ll be unveiling the first-ever Noshies! And check back later today for an inspiring reader success story and a MASSIVE giveaway that you won’t want to miss! —Jenn


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