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AAP: No Reason to Delay Solids or High-Allergen Foods for Babies

So, have you caught on? I don’t believe in baby food anymore. I mean, I believe in feeding babies. (You see those chubby hands? They belong to a little someone who feasts in my kitchen.) I’m just not into making separate batches of special baby food. Instead, my littlest one, who started solids two weeks ago, gets a pureed version of whatever the rest of us are eating. Or, if there’s something in our food I’d rather he not eat yet (eg, bacon, hot pepper), I steam and puree some veg from our meal and mix with herbs, spices, grated cheese or yogurt.

Instances when I feed the Hungry Baby select ingredients from our meal are not about avoiding high allergen foods or maintaining slow food introductions. I’m over that, folks. And, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, given that he has no personal or family history of allergies, I have good reason to be. See, in 2008, the AAP released a clinical report that indicated there is no proven benefit in delaying solids—even high allergen foods–beyond 4 to 6 months. (Note that the report does not suggest solids be introduced before 4-6 months.) So, with the exception of recipes that are particularly rich, have meat, excess butter or oil and other things that I see no reason to put in the Hungry Baby’s little body, I’m going for it.

Since I hope more people who cook healthy meals made with natural, whole ingredients will consider this approach, I don’t plan on posting formal “baby food” recipes. Instead, I’ll post a little something here and there noting what the Hungry Baby has been eating. Just look for {into the mouth of babes} before a post title. (FYI: I’ll file these posts in “food for thought,” “nutrition” and “parenting.”) I hope my musings inspire you to get adventurous with your baby, too.

Oh, and, as for the age categories on the rest of my recipes…

They are a general guideline for those still interested in a more conservative approach to food introductions. You can read more about those age guidelines here (scroll to the bottom of the page).


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