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'I Cannot Describe My Feelings': Man Reunites With Nurse Who Treated Him When He Was 10 Years Old

A man turned to the Internet for help finding a nurse who treated him when he was 10 years old, and not long after posting on social media, the nurse was tracked down.

In 1973, 10-year-old Gary Bentley underwent surgery to fix a hole in his right ventricle at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, reports. Bentley says the nurse that cared for him, named Kim, took particular interest in him, noticing that he “needed a friend” and making sure that he was well taken care of. Bentley has cherished a photo of the two ever since.

“For some reason, she was really sweet to me, and I looked forward to her coming in every day,” Bentley told “I guess she just saw that I needed a friend. She took special interest in me for some reason.”

After posting on social media and asking Internet users for help, Bentley finally tracked down the nurse, according to the Daily Mail. The woman’s daughter reportedly wrote to Bentley to identify her and said that her mother still remembered him as well.

“I know the nurse in the picture and she is my mom,” the nurse’s daughter Heather wrote. “You are right, her name is Kathy! I just read her this article and she is so touched that she was remembered so fondly by you!”

Kathy is reportedly still a nurse and works at East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika, and thanks to his post on social media, the two recently reunited.

“I was right!” Bentley wrote on Facebook after the reunion. “She is still the same sweet Nurse Kathy I remember from years ago. Nurse Kathy and I both are so humbled by all of the kind words and the help from everyone so we could find each other. I cannot describe my feelings.”

Sources: Daily Mail, / Photo Source: Daily Mail 


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