Instagram Cyber Pageants Include Girls as Young as Ten


Girls as young as ten are posting pictures of themselves on Instagram in order to be judged in cyber beauty contests, sparking outrage among parents.

The young girls, who are clothed, are judged by many of Instagram's 100 million users who vote with "likes," reports the Washington Post.

The losers get a red "X" on their photos or the word "out" written across their faces.

On Instagram, a search of the hashtags #beautypageant brings a result of 10,508 photos, #hotornot 14.616 and #amipretty over 5,000, reports ABC News.

"We are aware this is a trend taking place on virtually every media platform that teens engage with. We work hard to make Instagram a safe, interesting and vibrant place for teens to spend time and express their creativity through photos," said a statement from Instagram. "As with other social products, we encourage parents to take an active role in understanding what their kids are posting and who they are sharing with."

Sources: Washington Post and ABC News


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