Police Beat And Injury The Wrong Man, Man Paralyzed After Complications From Surgery


Roger Carlos, 43, was left paralyzed after undergoing spinal fusion surgery in San Antonio, Texas, on Nov. 3. The surgery was supposed to relieve pain caused by herniated discs from a police beating that took place in May 2014.

"It's hard to see it, it's hard to believe that something like this occurred over a mistaken identity," Roger's wife, Ronnie Carlos, told KENS 5 on Nov. 20. "That is the hardest thing that has happened to us."

On Nov. 20, Roger underwent yet another surgery to help relieve pressure on his spine.

"He was losing movement in his wrists and Dr.s were afraid if this continues he may have trouble breathing soon," an update on the GoFundMe page to help with Roger's medical expenses read. "They are going to help make more room for his spinal cord."

"People need to stand up and say something about it," Ronnie added to KENS 5. "Just because a police officer has a right to do something like that based on a law that protects them, it's not right, it's not right.

" ... Carelessness, just carelessness of these three officers, not realizing that they ruined his life."

It's not clear what the result of this latest surgery was. Roger's family has hired a lawyer and plans to sue the city and police department. Previous police reports said that the three cops were chasing a suspect when they came across Roger who was taking pictures of Ronnie's medical practice. Roger claimed in 2014 that the officers hit him about 50 times, after he complied with their commands.

"It's physically disabled him," Ronnie said. "It's mentally disabled him. He still hasn't since that day been able to get over this incident."

Eventually, police did arrest the real suspect Josue Rodriguez, who was reportedly convicted of evading arrest and possession of a prohibited firearm.

The three officers were suspended for five days by San Antonio Police Chief William McManus, but the cops managed to avoid losing money on the suspension by using leave time. Two of the officers, identified as Carlos Chavez and Virgilo Gonzalez, are still on the SWAT team. The third officer has not been identified because he reportedly works in a confidential position.

Sources: KENS 5GoFundMe / Photo Credit: Carlos Family, KENS 5

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