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Inmates Yell From Pennsylvania Prison, Health Questions Raised (Video)

People who live near the Lancaster County Prison in Pennsylvania have been hearing screams come from behind the jail walls.

One resident posted a video (below) of the yelling on YouTube.

WGAL (video below) recorded prisoners yelling, "We're hungry!" and "We're locked down 23 hours a day. We don't get nothing! They treat us like animals!"

The news station didn't speak to any of the prisoners, but interviewed Lancaster County Commissioner and prison board member Scott Martin.

Martin claimed the inmates were complaining about smaller meat portions and a lack of cheese.

Martin stated, "Why they do this? You know, I don't know if anyone's expectation is steak and cake when you come into a prison, but there's a simple solution to that, you don't like the diet, don't come to prison."

However, Jean Bickmire, president of Have a Heart for Persons in the Criminal Justice System, told that the prisoners' pleas were "pretty disconcerting."

“We will be looking into it, most definitely. I’ll follow up on it as soon as I can,” Bickmire added.

Martin told WGAL that he didn't why the windows at the prison had not been closed.

However, Bickmire told that she is concerned that the prison could be planning to close the windows of inmates who are yelling "because it’s getting hot, and there isn’t any ventilation.”

Prison Warden Paul Smeal told in a separate report that the prison windows would not be shut, but confirmed Martin's sandwich explanation.

The BBC reported that half the prisoners in the world are held in American, Russian and Chinese jails, but the U.S. leads the world in prison population.

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Image Credit: WGLA Screenshot


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