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Infographic: How Cigarettes Are Even More Addictive Now Than In The Past

Even in its natural state, tobacco is an extremely addictive substance. But when you alter the plant by adding compounds that make nicotine hit the brain faster and flavors that make smoke smoother, you’re practically begging people to get addicted.

As this new infographic from the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids shows, that’s exactly what the tobacco industry is doing. The following image shows the numerous additives tobacco companies are putting in cigarettes specifically designed to make them as addictive as possible.

Here’s the graphic:

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In a report titled “Designed for Addiction," the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids discusses the evolution of cigarettes over the last 50 years.

“[It is] clear that tobacco products – and cigarettes in particular – are highly engineered to expand the appeal of these products and facilitate the consumption of and addiction to nicotine, a highly addictive drug,” the report says. “Tobacco companies also know that almost all new smokers begin their addiction as children and that smoking is distasteful for new smokers, so they carefully design the product to appeal to this important market. The companies have spent huge sums to research the design of their products and ensure they achieve these goals, even if the impact of these changes also makes the product more dangerous.”


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