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Indiana Woman Goes to Prison for Tearing Boyfriend's Scrotum

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A woman who tore her ex-boyfriend’s scrotum in an attack three years ago was sentenced to two years in prison.

Christina Reber, 46, was found guilty of the March 2012 attack in August. Sentencing was on Feb. 9.

The judge who decided the verdict, Marianne Vorhees, rendered a four-year sentence, with two years of incarceration and the second half in prison.

Vorhees chastised the defendant, stating Reber caused “an extraordinarily heinous injury” that “changed the victim’s life.”

When he testified, the 59-year-old victim said his injury required stitches and reconstructive surgery.  He also still experiences pain, simply stating, “It’s uncomfortable.”

The prosecutor said Reber attacked the man, who had recently broken up with the defendant, in his home.

Reber’s defense attorney, Zaki Ali, commented: “That was the only thing she could think of to grab.”

While Reber’s case involved many of her friends and family testifying on her behalf, stating she was “a great person who did a bad thing,” the judge didn’t believe Reber’s account of the story and was surprised by Reber's lack of concern for the victim.

“You walked out the door and you left him there bleeding,” said the judge, before she sentenced Reber.

Sources: IndyStar, RawStory / Photo Credit: BackgroundNow/Flickr


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