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Indian Woman Gives Birth To Rare Conjoined Twins (Photo)

A 28-year-old Indian woman named Urmila Sharma gave birth to a set of incredibly rare twins on Wednesday.

Sharma had conjoined twins. Her twins have two heads, two necks, and two spines but share one body. Because they share so much of a body, it is not possible to separate them. Here is a picture of the twins shortly after their birth:

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Conjoined twins, which are identical twins joined together in utero, are a rare phenomenon. It is estimated that one in every 50,000 to 200,000 births are conjoined twins. Due to health complications from sharing a body, only about 25 percent of conjoined twins survive. Sharma’s twins have an extremely rare form of conjoinment called dicephalic parapagus.

Doctors at Cygnus JK Hindu Hospital in Northern India are currently working to keep the twins alive.

“The parents are very distressed and we are helping the family the best we can,” said Dr. Shikha Malik, who delivered the baby. “Now [that] the baby is born we will do our best to save her and we hope to operate once her condition is more stable.” 

The above picture may remind readers of Abigail and Brittany Hensel, two parapagus coinjoined twins who have achieved a bit of fame through their "Abby & Brittany" reality series on TLC. 

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