Indian Student Manisha Mohan Develops Bra to Shock Would-Be Rapists


One woman in India has come up with a deterrent to protect other women from getting raped.

Manisha Mohan, an aeronautical engineering student at SRM University in India, developed a bra that will not only deliver a paralyzing shock to any and all attackers, but will also send relatives a text message and provide GPS coordinates.

The new bra comes after a series of brutal gang rapes in India, the most notable of which came in December 2012 when a 23-year-old Delhi woman was raped by five men and then brutally beaten and killed.

The attack sparked outrage in India and shed light on the chronic issue of rape in that culture. Since then, protests and vigils have demanded for the better treatment of women across the globe.

In the meantime, Mohan and her team members Niladhri Basu Bal and Rimpi Tripathi developed the bra to keep women safe.

The bra, made up of SHE (Society Harnessing Equipment) technology, delivers a 3800kv electric shock to the would-be attacker. The volts are wired to a pressure sensor, and will send out the shock if too much pressure is placed on the bra.

The victim herself is protected with bi-layer fabric so she will not feel the jolt.

“Pressure values for squeeze, pinch and grab have been calibrated. The force applied on hugging does not satisfy the conditions for actuation of the device, and there is also a self-actuation switch where a woman can activate it by herself when in unsafe environment,” Mohan said.

Sources: BBC, CrunchWear


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