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Indian Father Plans To Sell Kidney To Fund Treatment For Morbidly Obese Children

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A poverty-stricken father in West India is planning to sell his kidney to pay for treatment to help his three morbidly obese children.

The father, 34-year-old Rameshbhai Nandwana, and his wife, Pragna Ben, said that their three young children inexplicably have uncontrollable hunger — meaning Ben spends most of her day in the kitcken cooking.

“My day starts with making 30 chapatis and 1 kilogram (2 pounds) of vegetable curry in the morning,” she said, referring to the flatbreads she makes each day. “After that I am again in the kitchen preparing more food. It never stops — their hunger never stops. They demand food all the time and cry and scream if they’re not fed. I am always in the kitchen cooking for them.”

The couple’s children — 3-year-old Yogita Rameshbhai, 5-year-old Anisha and their 18-month old brother Harsh — are reportedly among the heaviest children in the world. The children weigh a shocking 74, 105 and 35 pounds, respectively.

The father, terrified for his children’s well-being, said he made the decision to sell his kidney because he felt there was no other way to get the them the help they need.

“A few social workers have come forward to help but it’s not just about the food,” he said. “If my kids continue to grow at this rapid rate they will have major health issues. We’re terrified they will die. I am ready to sell my kidneys if the money can help in their treatment.”

Nandwana earns $52 per month, though he somehow makes enough to feed his children. “I work in fields, dig wells and do whatever menial job I can find to earn money. And I’m constantly worried about finding the money to feed my continually hungry children,” he said. “I cannot leave them starving. If I don’t have the money, I borrow it from my brothers and friends but I make sure I feed my children when they need.

“No one in our family has a giant frame. Only my children are overweight,” he added. “As parents, it pains us immensely to see them unable to move. They cannot walk; they cannot do anything on their own. Selling my kidney is a desperate measure but I’m now desperate to get the right help for my children.”

Local doctors said they believe the children have a genetic condition known as Prader-Willi syndrome, which causes a constant desire to eat. “There is an abnormal accumulation of fat in these children. They’re not able to breathe properly, and they wheeze,” pediatrician Dr. Akshay Mandavia said. “Their condition could be due to endocrinal disease or Prader-Willi syndrome but we can only ascertain the right treatment after a proper diagnosis at one of our top hospitals.”

Ben said she just wants her young children to live normal lives and be able to function normally.

“All they do all day is eat and play and giggle with each other. I want my daughters to get an education and play like other kids. I want them to have a life,” she said. “This is no life.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror Online

Photo Credit: Screen Shot Via Mirror Online


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