Improve Your Sex Life With Yoga

Gasp! How can it be?! Yoga and Sex in the same sentence?! Yogis and yoginis today refer typically to the household variation: men and women who have a home, a family, and an average material life--unlike the ascetics of India thousands of years ago. As with any marketable product, sex sells. But the claim that yoga can improve sex relations with your spouse or lover is not just a marketing plot. It's true.

Here are 5 yogic practices guaranteed to improve intimacy:

1. Be in the Moment

Yoga trains you to stay present. Training the mind to stay focused on any one thing, or experience, awakens you to even the most mundane activities. Letting go of all your To Do lists and worries allows you to truly enjoy the experience of being with your partner.

2. Greater Body Awareness

With greater body awareness comes heightened sensation. Need I say more?

3. Increased Flexibility

Practicing yoga eases the stress and tension that can accumulate from working long hours at the office. Shoulder stretches lessen the potential for tension headaches, and standing postures release tight hips. The consequence is increased energy and a greater likelihood of being in the mood!

4. Overall Sense of Well-Being

Practicing yoga generates an overall sense of well-being that spills over into the bedroom. Cultivating a sense of gratitude allows you to focus on all of the wonderful things that your partner brings to a relationship, without getting stuck on the trivialities.

5. Relaxation: the Pre-Req to Great Sex

A dose of Savasana does the body good. According to Psychology Today: "Great sex begins with deep relaxation, which concentrates blood in the central body where it's available to the genitals, instead of being directed to the limbs, which happens when people feel stressed (the fight-or-flight reflex)."

Happy Exploring!


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