Illusionist Ilya Safronov Rushed to Hospital After 'Hook From Eye' Trick Goes Wrong

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Russian illusionist Ilya Safronov was performing his 'hook from the eye' trick on Ukrainian TV, New Channel, when the trick went wrong.

During the trick, Safronov appears to swallow a razor-sharp hook and then retrieve it from his eye, reports the Daily Mail.

But instead of just pretending to eat the sharp hook, Safronov had actually swallowed it. His brothers, who were part of the act, initially intended to remove the hook themselves, but were unable to.

Soon, TV producers stopped recording the trick and called an ambulance. Safronov was then rushed to hospital.

A spokesperson for New Channel said: "Doctors arrived on the scene within minutes. After a brief examination, they told the film crew that they would take Ilya to the regional hospital, where the illusionist would see an ear-nose-and-throat specialist."


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