News Anchor’s Emotional, Powerful Statement Goes Viral (Video)

An Illinois anchorman told viewers this week that his brain cancer is back and he has only a short time left.

Doctors told Dave Benton of WCIA-TV on Thursday that his cancer had returned and gave him four to six months to live.

“Basically my cancer is back, and it’s too big for surgery and radiation,” he said.

Benton, who worked at the station for nine years, is going to begin a new antibody and chemotherapy treatment to attempt to slow the tumor’s growth.

He says the goal is to add “a few more days” to his life and he plans to “make them the best they can be.”

“I believe that I’m in God’s hands,” Benton said. “I am at peace and I know he’s going to take care of the days ahead and that the goal here is to have the best ones possible.”

Benton, who grew up in the Chicago suburb of Addision, has a wife and two adult children.

He reminded viewers that a lot of people out there have cancer and they need the same support that he has gotten from viewers.

Sources: ABC 7Mediaite

Image screenshot: YouTube


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