Brangelina Make Kids' Classmates Sign Confidentiality Agreements?

You know, if I was a parent of a child in the new school that Brangelina's kids are now attending in Budapest, I think I would be a little miffed that I suddenly have a whole bunch of new rules to follow. I say this because all the parents of students and all the teachers had to sign confidentiality agreements, and if the parents talk to the media, they will be fined. If they do it again, their child will be indefinitely suspended. Really?

The kids have started school late, will probably be gone by Christmas, but it is the parents who have had kids in the school forever that are having to jump through hoops and having to sign everything for what? So Angelina can pretend her kids are normal and go to regular school. They really don't. What is wrong with the tutors they have been using?

You can argue that it is good for the kids to go to normal school, and I agree. Except for the fact they have started late and will be leaving early, and so nothing about it is normal. Is it really better for them to go to school for three months and then never come back, or just not start at a regular school in the first place?


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