If You Have a Baby, Get Rid of Your Pit Bull!


Angry Mom: A 2-year-old was mauled to death by the family pit bull in California. He was attacked last night and died this morning, according to KTLA. How many more of these stories do we have to hear before these dogs are TAKEN OUT OF HOMES WITH CHILDREN?

Momlogic has done tons of stories on pit bulls ... this one lists a number of kids who were mauled or killed.

In that piece, Colleen Lynn, founder of DogsBite.org, said, "There are aggressive breeds of dogs, including pit bulls and rottweilers, that I don't think are appropriate to have around children. They don't have a good safety record, and you are definitely taking a chance. These dogs were bred for violence. It's in their genes. Even if they have good owners, love is not going to take genetics away. Why take the chance, if it could cost your kid his or her life?"

I don't think people with small kids should have pit bulls -- period. There are just too many stories that you hear of where pit bulls have killed kids. I've never heard of a poodle killing a child -- but it just seems like pit bull attacks are a common occurrence. (Same with German Shephards and rottweilers, too ... they're just as dangerous and should be nowhere near children.)

I know pit bull owners would probably disagree with me -- but obviously the parents of the 2-year-old California boy who was killed didn't think their dog was violent either ... until the worst happened.

Do YOU think people with kids should have pit bulls or other violent dog breeds?


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