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Woman Dies Getting Butt Implants In Mexico

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An Australian woman traveled to Mexico to get butt implants and died during surgery, but had no idea just who her doctor was. 

Evita Nicole Sarmonikas suffered a cardiac arrest during surgery at the Hospital Quirirgico del Valle in Mexicali, Mexico. Sarmonikas’ cousin, Nick Tsagalias, confirmed that she had undergone butt implant surgery. 

“I knew she was going on holiday and she said she was looking forward to the dream holiday of her life but I didn’t know she was having an operation,” Tsagalias told the Gold Coast Bulletin. 

“She was the best human being I have ever met and she was really so pure and innocent, so it’s just not fair that this has happened to her. We need an autopsy to be done here in Australia, not over there and we cannot accept her coming back as ashes because we need to find out the truth about what happened. Eva didn’t deserve this.”

The doctor who performed the surgery was ultimately revealed to be Victor Ramirez, who was involved in a legal dispute with Kim Kardashian in 2012 after using her to promote his business on a billboard.

“Don't risk your beauty or your health,” the billboard read, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. Ramirez did not ask Kardashian for permission, prompting the lawsuit. 

“Currently, the safest way to achieve the desired results through buttock augmentation is using silicone implants,” Ramirez’s website read. 

“Although it might seem easy and economical, never allow anyone to inject substances that increase the volume of the buttocks through the injection of oily substances because the damage that they cause is irreversible due to the fact that the [modeling] agents cannot be extracted from your body and will generate serious problems the rest of your life." 

Sarmonikas’ family released a statement of mourning following her untimely death.

“Evita was a vivacious, vibrant young woman who was adored by her family, boyfriend, friends and her community. Eva’s mother and sister wish to thank all of Eva’s friends for the words of comfort, immense emotional, spiritual and financial support they have received during this difficult time.”

Sources: Gold Coast Bulletin, Sydney Morning Herald / Photo credit: PIX 11

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