Iditarod Racer Scott Janssen Uses CPR on Dog

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A harrowing moment from this week's Iditarod sled race demonstrated just how far some mushers are willing to go to protect their animals.

Racer Scott Janssen made a split-second decision when one of his sled dogs collapsed in the middle of the arctic run. For those familiar with the route, the 9-year-old huskey went down near Dalzell Gorge, Alaska.

Jannssen described the event to the Anchorage Daily News: "Boom! Laid right down. It was like a guy my age having a heart attack." The frightened racer rushed to his dog's side and began performing CPR, breathing into the animal's snout and compressing his chest. His efforts were ultimately unsuccesful.

"I know what death looks like, and he was gone. Nobody home," said Janssen, according to Yahoo! News. "I was sobbing. I really love that dog."

At his day job, Janssen is a funeral home owner in Anchorage, Alaska. He races under the pseudonym "The Mushing Mortician." This was his second Iditarod race. Last year he finished 42 out of 47.


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