Ice Cream Shop Attacked for New Flavor Supporting Planned Parenthood (Video)


What’s The Scoop?, an ice cream shop in Portland, Ore., has come under attack by pro-life advocates for its new "Rose City Revolution" ice cream that will raise money for Planned Parenthood.

The ice cream shop usually donates 10 percent of its profits to a new organization every month, and 50 percent of sales from its monthly specialty flavors.

However, when the pro-life website reported on the ice cream, the company got numerous angry messages online and in voice mails, some of which were threatening. reported, "Abortion giant Planned Parenthood has announced that a local ice cream parlor has created an ice cream just for them. No, it will not be called Blood and Scream!"

Jumping on the bandwagon, one pro-life advocate tweeted:

Abortion ice cream??? #PRAY for this sick, twisted organization and the souls that are lost in it. #PRAY that...

Another pro-lifer wrote on the company's Facebook page:

I guess that's what they mean by "flavors to die for"? How revolting! Humankind has stooped to new lows.

“We’re still wrapping our minds around the reactions,” owner Jodie Ostrovsky told Eater Portland. “The first [fundraiser for Planned Parenthood] went off without any reactions or comments.”

"Planned Parenthood is an amazing organization that does so much to help women have access to affordable healthcare," added Ostrovsky. "The fact that some people only focus on what is such an infinitesimal part of the service they provide is confusing to me."

Planned Parenthood does provide healthcare (besides abortions) including: well-woman exams, early cancer screenings and birth control.

"Conversely, we have received a wonderful outpouring of support from our ice cream community as well as the general public," stated Ostrovsky. "I get a little nervous when the phone rings, but the last few calls have been very positive and the tide on Facebook is beginning to shift."

Ostrovsky told the Thrillist in 2012 that she makes all of her ingredients in-house (video below).

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