I Would Have Been A WombTuber


Apparently there's a whole new world out there that I am missing -- the world of the Wombtube, where you pee on a stick and music swells while the viewer watches with baited breath to see if there is one line or two.

Via Slate:

Search for "pregnancy test results" or some variation and you'll find shots with the telltale faint pink double lines or a plus sign followed by squealing, excited disbelief, and joyful tears. Many of these WombTube videos have around 50,000 views. In the YouTube pantheon, this makes them significantly less popular than, say, Justin Bieber's latest performance. Still, the WombTube reaches far beyond the inner circle with whom one would normally share such fraught obstetrical details.

The WombTubers are also rejecting the oft-repeated advice that you should wait until the end of the first trimester before telling people you're pregnant, as miscarriage is the most common in those first three months. These women would rather share their joy with a virtual community of strangers than follow that cautious custom.

So I will admit -- I wasn't a WombTuber, but I was probably only a few steps away.  There's a sort of fierce friendship formed online when it comes to trying to conceive and pregnancy, born of fear, hope and anonymity.  I was known to sneak into the bathroom with a camera while my husband sits in the living room, oblivious, unaware that I am taking picture after picture at various stages of drying tests, ready to post them online and allow my friends in the internet to tell me if they saw the faintest hint of a shadow.  Tweak was a word we bandied around regularly like addicts, although our tweak was a saturation or inverted negative to see if we could catch the first earliest positive.

I never recorded a video, but likely that was because my pee-on-a-stick mania and shame was something I kept in the closet, visible only to a few of the closest buddies.  We never knew each other's real names, but we all knew the moment each of us was pregnant, and often hours or days before our husbands ever learned.

I may not have made it to full on WombTuber, but I know why the WombTuber records.


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