I Wonder How Much Tickets for The Abortionplex Cost?


Anti-choice activists went nuts over an Onion article stating that Kansas was building an "abortionplex" funded by Planned Parenthood.

Now, Yelp reviewers are getting in on the act, and leaving some pretty hysterical reviews.

The Washington Post reports:

The Yelp reviewers mercilessly make fun of those readers who may have been lacking in the critical evaluation skills department and thought the Abortionplex was real. The four pages of reviews get increasingly more sarcastic and over-the-top, with a recent review, in which the reader gave the Abortionplex 1 star, reading:

“I hate this place.  It's like an Abortion-themed Disneyland in summertime: LINES! EVERYWHERE!  Lines to park your car, lines to get into the door, lines to go to the bathroom, lines to use the hand sanitizer station, lines to the arcade games, lines to the Hall of Fame museum, and lines to snack bar to get my peanut butter and jelly fetuswich... I stood in line for 2 HOURS to ride the Umbilicoaster and when I'm almost at the front, IT BREAKS DOWN!”

Another reviewer, also riffing on the postmodern nightmare the Onion created of an abortion clinic mixed with a theme park, wrote:

“I just don't get what all the hype is about. First, the line for the Lazy River was crazy packed and I had to wait FOREVER for a Fallopian Innertube.”

My favorite?  "Best. Omelets. Ever."


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