Kangoo Jumps: Fitness Craze Features Giant Bouncy Shoes

Have you heard of Kangoo Jumps?

It is one of the hottest workouts and fitness trends hitting the fitness industry - and I got to try it with NYC fitness expert Mario Green!   

Briefly, Kangoo Jump shoes are based on rebounding, a type of exercise known to have numerous health benefits*, from weight loss to strengthening the heart. Combined with a patented Impact Protection System, Kangoo Jumps can reduce the impact from running by up to 80 percent.

Waiting to meet Mario at Central Park, I wasn't sure how I was going to recognize him. But when he "walked" up in his Kangoo Jump shoes I knew it had to be him. I was definitely a bit intimidated at first seeing that Mario towered over me on these rebounding shoes. But once the shoes were on, it was easier to maneuver around than I thought - it's actually much harder to stand still than run, jump, or even dance in them - yes, you can dance in them!

Mario took me for a light run (about 2 miles) through Central Park, and it was awkward. Running in the shoes wasn't awkward, but you can sense people watching you out of curiousity of what the heck is on your feet. Running in them was actually easy, and thinking that you would feel like you're going to rock forward on them, it's more of an up and down motion as you run. However, you cannot be lazy in these shoes, you must pick up your feet otherwise you will scrape the bottom of the shoes and potentially fall. I didn't fall, but I definitely scraped the bottom a couple of times.

These shoes engage everything from you core to your feet. It's great for people who have bad knee and joint problems. Usually after a run you can feel the impact on your feet and knees, but in Kangoo Jump shoes it feels like your running on air but still getting a great workout.

After the run Mario showed me some other things you can do in the shoes. Being intrigued that you can "dance" in them, I was like "no way!" But yes, it can be done and it's quite easy. I included one of my favorite dance routines by Mario in the Kangoo Jump shoes.

I am definitely loving this new fitness trend, and would love to take more classes with Mario. He does some really cool stuff with his classes and clients like: midnight city runs and street dance routines. Kangoo Jumps doesn't just seem like a fitness class, but there's a community feeling.

Mario teamed up with Oral B earlier this month to help promote dental hygiene.  He has also made a number of television appearances to promote this fitness fun. 

If you're interested in learning more about Kangoo Jumps and Mario Green, visit www.mariothetrainer.com


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