Malas: Rosary Beads for Yoga and Meditation Aficionados

As a kid I vividly remember my mom cutting, sewing and stuffing tons of products to sell at craft fairs. I was continuously amazed by all the things she could make and hoped one day, I’d be able to do the same.

Cut to today, and although I’ve given crafting a good try, I’m nowhere close to starting my own Etsy store. However, that doesn’t stop me from supporting all the lovely DIY-crafters out there making it happen for themselves. To me, there’s nothing more awesome than supporting someone and their talent, art, hard work and passion. Case in point, Carol Somers of True Nature Yoga and her lovely line of malas.

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A mala is a string of beads used in meditation. Much like the Catholic rosary, a mala contains 108 beads, but may also be smaller, consisting of 26 or 54 beads. During meditation, you “count off” the beads while reciting a specific mantra. Mantras are most powerful when recited 108 times. Malas are typically made of a gemstone or material specific to the qualities you want to enhance in your life and practice. For example, tiger’s eye is good for grounding, clarity of thought, and balance.

When Carol’s mala arrived in the mail, I was tingling with excitement as soon as my hands touched the package. Already I could tell this mala was special. The beads are beautifully strung together and the tiger’s eye just glows! I couldn't wait to get started working with it, and barely took it off all weekend long.

What I really love about Carol is her personal statement:

“I am mother to a 12 year old boy, working full time. I recently graduated from a 200 hr yoga teacher training course and have been teaching yoga and making malas part time since February 2010. Upon completion of our teacher training we were asked to make a congruent statement regarding what we were going to do next. Out of nowhere I decided I was going to make malas. I had made a couple for my own use and really loved the sense of peace they brought me even while creating them. What started as a simple statement has turned into a passion. I love to explore new beads and new creations. Each one is special to me. Yoga and meditation have brought a true sense of peace and balance to my life that had been missing. I hope that my malas can bring a small bit of that to others.”

What a beautiful expression and extension of her practice!

Do I even need to point out that the holidays are upon us? This holiday season, why not treat the special yogi in your life to a beautiful handmade mala. Heck! Why not treat yourself?!

Hari Om!


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