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Thank You, Sandra Bullock, for Adopting from U.S.

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I had never given that much thought to domestic versus international adoption until we had our first foster care placement.

We recently celebrated our third child's second adoption day and now I have an opinion.

I saw Sandra Bullock and her beautiful baby on the cover of PEOPLE magazine today -- and when I read that Louis had been born in New Orleans, I have to say, it made their obvious union a bit sweeter for me.

I have friends who adopted from other countries and their reasons were personal and specific to that country from which they adopted. A familial or cultural connection to your adopted child is important. But if you don't have that reasoning, there are children in our own country, hundreds of thousands of them, who long for a family, too.

Slogans that support the "Buy Local" idea is pumped into our heads. Slogans like, "Bloom Where You Are Planted," "Eat Down the Street," and "Drill Here, Drill Now" can be seen a thousand times during rush hour. I sometimes wonder why the values placed on "home grown" is overlooked when it comes to our most precious commodity.

We found numerous advantages to adopting domestically, cost being one of them. And of course, if you go the foster care route like we did, it is completely free. Travel costs for domestic adoptions is also kept to a minimum. Sometimes birth parents are out-of-state, but a roundtrip ticket to Utah is considerably more reasonable than a flight to Siberia. Newborns are more readily available in U.S. adoptions, which is a positive to many.

The available training that prepared us for difficulties that could arise, based on our son's specific situation, is the biggest reason I am thankful for our domestic adoption. This training and additional knowledge made bonding with him easier than if we had gone into it blind. Maybe if international adoption agencies would include this sort of comprehensive training, people wouldn't send their adopted children back on a plane with a note pinned to their shirt.

Thank you, Sandra, for adopting domestically. Not many celebs do -- but I'm glad you did. And so is Louis.

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