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'I Looked Like A Clown': Young Woman Left With Four Eyebrows After Botched Filler Tattoos (Photos)


A 22-year-old woman from Manchester, England, was left looking like she had four eyebrows after she received botched tattoo fillers meant to make her brows look neater.

Delsha Campbell decided to get the supposed semi-permanent treatment in August of 2012 to help make her eyebrows look cleaner and nicer. She found a voucher online, let her eyebrows grow a bit as per the instructions, and went to get the treatment.

The beautician wound up drawing in the fillers above her natural brow line after her real ones had been waxed off by about two-thirds. She said she first noticed that something was wrong when she saw the shadows of her old eyebrows beneath her new ones. The beautician told her that it only appeared that way because her face was swollen, and she was assured that the tattoos were semi-permanent. Two years later, however, the fillers are still there. Within three days, Campbell said, she had four eyebrows. 

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"I looked like a clown," she said. "I was gobsmacked, speechless. I couldn’t believe what she’d done to me. I had to constantly pluck my natural brows out but I often had shadows." Campbell said that the botched treatment soon began to affect her emotionally and mentally. "When I went out I could see people staring at me trying to make out why I had four eyebrows. I was so upset I couldn’t eat and began losing weight," she said. "I lost two stone [28 pounds]. I couldn’t face work; I became a recluse.

"For months I was too ashamed of my face to even go outside the house. I was so depressed I ended up seeking counselling [sic]."

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Campbell reportedly spent £400 ($601.48) on a treatment to make the tattoos fade, but said that the ink line is still intact.

"I just wish I’d never had them done," she said. 

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