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'I Heard Something Snap': Man Suffers Painful Injury During Private Time With Girlfriend (Photo)

A man in Ireland is recovering after fracturing his penis during sex.

Alan Parke, 22, from County Donegal, Ireland, was rushed to the hospital after he heard his penis “snap” during sex with his girlfriend, Clarissa Cairns.

"It was a while before he could even play with himself again he was in that much pain,” Cairns, 22, told the Irish Mirror.

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(via Irish Mirror)

The young man was transferred to a hospital in Galway, where he underwent emergency ruptured tackle surgery.

“We were just having sex, I was on the bottom and Clarissa was on top,” Parke said. “All of a sudden I heard something snap. I’ve never known pain like it. It was absolutely excruciating.”

After the surgery, doctors put the fractured penis in a sling, which caused fellow patients at the hospital to taunt him.

“One patient kept laughing at the pain I was in ... Security wouldn't let me out of their sight I was so angry,” he said.

Parke was not allowed to go to work after the operation, and he spent two months lying in bed in pain.

In the first two weeks after having his fractured penis repaired, an ambulance had to be called seven times because Parke could not control the blood.

Three months later, doctors say he is expected to make a full recovery.

Sources: Irish MirrorDaily Mail

Photo Credit: Bryan Brenneman/Flickr, Facebook


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